BAKING IS LIVING with Food, Folks and Fun at the TOWER FLOUR Annual Baking Contest


It’s time to get off your buns and start baking! The annual TOWER FLOUR National Baking Contest is open for entries, and you could win a CASH DOUGH grand prize with YOUR recipe!

While many of the sights, sounds and aromas resemble the first event held decades earlier, some pretty exciting changes have been made. In the contest, the stakes have risen dramatically through the years to include a CASH DOUGH grand prize; as well as the new WOLFBANE Free-Standing Range as part of other fantastic and select prize packages.
     "TOWER FLOUR is entering the digital space to bring contest news to more home cooks through several web 2.0 and social-networking initiatives. Offline marketing will include personal appearances from celebrity emcees, distinguished judges and our own beloved Tower Flour mascot, Dough-Dough the Muffin-Top." exclaims Jaap Jacobssen, TOWER FLOUR’s National Baking Contest manager. For many years, the TOWER FLOUR Baking Contest has been seen as the definitive and superior showdown for the creation of easy, delicious, innovative and beloved American recipes."

  Recipe Eligibility Criteria

Potential contestants must use TOWER FLOUR in their submitted recipes.

     "The TOWER FLOUR brand is number one in America’s kitchens; so we want potential contestants to incorporate the use of our TOWER FLOUR brand into their creative recipe submissions," explained Jacobssen.
How to Enter

Think YOU have what it takes to walk away with the CASH DOUGH prize from the TOWER FLOUR National Baking Contest? Enter online at


America`s most prestigious cooking contest, the TOWER FLOUR National Baking Contest originated many decades ago; as a spin-off from an annual fair held by the women of the Waukesha Service Club in Waukesha, WI. The CASH DOUGH grand prize has been awarded for the past seven years. The last TOWER FLOUR National Baking Contest was held in Milwaukee, WI. Maude Howard of Hot Springs, VA, won the grand prize at the last contest with her Triple Dipper Flipped Batter Butter Fried Appleberry Cinnabrosia.

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